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Women Empowerment

In addition to targeting women and girls as part of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Natural Resource Management and Small-Scale Enterprise Development programmes, we carry out initiatives, exclusively, targeting women and girls to help increase Afghan women’s sphere of influence and livelihoods in the rural, peri-urban and urban areas of the country.

While the livelihoods interventions under Women’s Empowerment component follow the strategies and approach under Natural Resources Management and Small-Scale Enterprise Development components, the social interventions are implemented under the auspices of Women’s Resource Centres.

Women’s Resource Centres are self-organised collectives creating opportunities for member women to participate in income-generating activities and targeted educational and capacity building programs.

The centres serve as the primary vehicle for the Women’s Empowerment activities, allowing rural women to come together in a safe women-only environment, which is culturally accepted.

The women train, learn, and develop leadership skills, engage in small businesses and income-generating activities, discuss, share insight and knowledge and support each other.