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Mir Alam: From Trainee to Become Trainer, A Tale of Complex Life-Challenges and a Successful Attempt

Mir Alam is a young person with a disability who was facing many challenges in his life. Despite his physical limitations, he attempted to earn money for his family of eight people.

He is a resident of the Arab Aqsai village in the Pashtoon Kot District of the Faryab Province of Afghanistan. His long-term joblessness forced him to begin driving rickshaws. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long. After his Rickshaw accident, he got a disability as a teenager. He used the money he had saved for his medical care and recuperation. He improved, but his hands were empty.

"I lost my personality in the village and among my relatives because of unemployment. I was left alone in the rest area with empty hands after the accident, and my feet, head, and eyes were hurt” Mir Alam stated.

DACAAR reached out to Arab Aqsai village when villagers needed help, and with funding from NMFA, started the (Motorbike Repairing. V.T.C) initiative. Commencing on September 1st, 2021, the project was completed on March 31st, 2022.

Mir Alam is Repairing a Motorcycle

The primary goal of the project was to provide jobless and impoverished youth with options. Among those who were regarded as trainees was Mir Alam. He completely joined the seven months of training and learned the motorbike repairing occupation. Upon completion of the program, each trainee/participant was given a motorbike repair tool package valued at about forty thousand Afghani.

After completing the training, he obtained the highest marks on the DACAAR trainer exam, later he was hired as a trainer at the Motorbike VTC (Vocational Training Center), and he transformed from being a trainee to a trainer. He now makes between twenty and twenty-five thousand Afghani a month working as an outstanding motorcycle trainer out of his workshop.

Alam stated, "I faced numerous difficulties before joining the V.T.C., and nobody in the neighborhood respected me. Now, I hold a respectable position among others because of my reading and motorcycle maintenance skills. I am now well-liked by all, actively involved in society, and making an honest effort to serve. I have paid off every loan. These days, my kids attend Madrasa every day. And my financial issues have all been resolved.”

Alam expressed his gratitude to DACAAR and expressed his genuine satisfaction with the project. Given the vast variety of unemployment, he advised developing similar programs to reduce unemployment in the future.

Mir Alam enjoying a happy time with his son, in his workshop

Written by: Israrullah Sahil