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The Hygiene Messages Improve the Health Situation of Bagrami Residents, Kabul Province

Humanitarian Story


Although Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul, provides a wealth of amenities for everyday life, many people, especially those living outside/suburbs of the city, are still struggling with a lack of access to clean water, which can lead to illnesses such as cholera, diarrhea, and allergies. Lack of knowledge about the importance of a clean environment and protection from illness is also a major issue

One example of this is Deh Yaqoub Village in Bagrami district, Kabul Province where a community elder, Shah Baz Khan, reported that “The drinking water in the area was not safe and they had to travel at least 300 meters to get it, which caused them to suffer from diarrhea and other illnesses.”

Beginning on April 1, 2023, DACAAR carried out a major project in the aforementioned village of the Bagrami district with assistance from the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). The project's goals were to rehabilitate/repair the hand pump so that it could produce drinkable water and to provide hygiene kits and messages to the community.

Khan continued, saying “The number of sicknesses has been declining, and that all 18 families consisting of 128 individuals in the community now have access to clean drinking water. The provision of kits to all families and the instruction on cleanliness are the most crucial of them. We can now understand the germs, the reasons behind cholera and diarrhea, as well as how to protect against COVID-19, thanks to them”.

Establishing facilities in the previously specified location has substantial financial benefits. Due to the community's increased awareness of water-borne diseases prevention, medical expenses have decreased dramatically.

Recipients said that “They were happy with how the project was carried out and that it had made the community healthier”. They also want to teach the next generation about hygiene. Due to the successful project implementation, the beneficiaries have indicated their support for DACAAR to continue and implement such projects in their area.




                             Hygiene promotion session in Bagrami District, Kabul Province                                           The Rehabilitated hand water pump in Deh Yaqoob, Bagrami, Kabul


Written by: Israrullah Sahil