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Water Expertise and Training (WET) Centre

Our Water Expertise and Training Centre has been operating since 2010 and had aims to increase access to and use of safe drinking water, including improved hygiene and sanitation in Afghanistan through supporting the capacity of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) implementing agencies to implement high-quality projects.

Over the years and until end of 2017, the centre has trained more than 4,500 staff of NGOs, UN, Government, Civil Society and the Private Sector on various Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene subjects.

The centre publishes a Quarterly Training Plan to inform WASH implementers of the dates of upcoming public training workshops. Partners can request dedicated and tailor-made training specifically for their staff.

The Centre has been engaged in Action Research over the course of the years some of which are mentioned below.

Number Title
1 Action Research Report on Diffuser plate and box
2 Action Research Report on Diffuser Basin Holes Size and Holes number-2012
3 Action Research Report on Solar Water Supply
4 Action Research Report on Plastic BSF-2014
5 Action Research Report on PVC BSF- Dec 2014
6 Action Research on A-Aqua Water Filter
7 Action Research on Ceramic Candle Household Filter Kit
8 Action Research Report on ISSF filter-June 2016
9 Action Research Report on ISSF-Dec 16
10 Community Based Maintenance System-Dari
11 Community Based Maintenance System-English
12 Community Based Maintenance System-Pashto
13 Hygiene Education-Dari
14 Hygiene Education-English
15 Hygiene Education-Pashto
16 Best Practice on BSF
17 Best Practices on Solar Water Pumping System
18 WETC Learning Exchange Report -2011
19 WETC Learning Exchange Report -2012
20 WETC Learning Exchange Report- 2013
21 WETC Learning Exchange Report- 2014
22 WETC Learning Exchange Report -2015