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Welcome to our procurement page.

Reliable, cost-effective, quality supplies enable DACAAR to life-saving emergency responses, early recovery and development interventions that benefit hundreds of thousands Afghans.

Please find below current open opportunities within procurement in DACAAR. We encourage suppliers to carefully read through advertisements before applying. We abide by equal opportunity principles in our procurement and encourage offers from all companies and individuals.

Bids/Proposals are processed only if submitted before the given deadline, furthermore, in accordance with guidelines provided in the procurement call.

We have ZERO tolerance for corruption and fraud, in order to accomplish that we have fully compliant DACAAR anti-corruption and anti-fraud policies.

Title Province Job Posted On
DACAAR ITB 45 PRF-1926-27-28/1801-01/RID1.4/23-1001/11, 2018, Supply and Installation of Solar System Water Pumps for Kunar and Kabul Provinces Kabul & Kunar 2018-12-05
DACAAR RFP 05 PRF-1600/1712-31/UDW1.3.4 /10.2018 (For GMP/GAP/GLOBAl GAP/ISO/ Under UNODC Project). Kabul 2018-10-19
DACAAR RFQ 96 PRF-1925/1801-01/RID1.2/23-0102/11.2018, (Reverse Osmosis System Water Filter by Solar in Kabul Province) Kabul 2018-12-03
DACAAR ITB 47 PRF-1993/1805-11/RNF1.14/12-0501/11.2018, (Diesel Generator for DACAAR Main Office in Kabul Province) Kabul 2018-12-19
DACAAR ITB 48 PRF-2043 to 2047/1704-50/DFD2.1/11.2018 (Home Based Food Processing (Burger Bread) Inputs in Kandahar Province) Kandahar 2018-12-16
DACAAR ITB 49 PRF-2048 to 2052/1704-50/DFD2.1/11.2018 (Home Based Food Processing (Cake and Cookies) Inputs in Kandahar Province) Kandah 2018-12-16
DACAAR ITB 50 PRF-2053 to 2057/1704-50/DFD2.1/11.2018 (Home Based Food Processing (Candy) in Kandahar Province) Kandahar 2018-12-16
DACAAR RFQ 95-PRF-1931/0001-00/FSK05-01/11,2018 (Provision of Internet System for DACAAR Main Office in Kabul Province) Kabul 2018-12-17
DACAAR RFQ 97 PRF-2080-2081/1704-50/DFD2.2/11.2018 (Generators for DACAAR Program in Kandahar Province) Kandahar 2018-12-17
DACAAR ITB 51 PRF-2169/CHF/23-2002/12.2018, (Provision of Safe Drinking Water in Herat Province) Herat 2018-12-22
DACAAR RFQ 100 PRF-2090/0001-00/FSK05-01/12-0401/12.2018, (Supply of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows) kabul 2018-12-23
DACAAR RFQ 99 PRF-1974/1703-31/EQR2.1.11/12.2018 (Printing of Booklets for UNICEF Project) Kabul 2018-12-20
DACAAR RFQ 98 PRF-2014-17/1713-02/VET5.3/11.2018 (Solar Panel and Battery for DACAAR Program in Nangrahar Province) Nangarhar 2018-12-20