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Welcome to our procurement page.

Reliable, cost-effective, quality supplies enable DACAAR to life-saving emergency responses, early recovery and development interventions that benefit hundreds of thousands Afghans.

Please find below current open opportunities within procurement in DACAAR. We encourage suppliers to carefully read through advertisements before applying. We abide by equal opportunity principles in our procurement and encourage offers from all companies and individuals.

Bids/Proposals are processed only if submitted before the given deadline, furthermore, in accordance with guidelines provided in the procurement call.

We have ZERO tolerance for corruption and fraud, in order to accomplish that we have fully compliant DACAAR anti-corruption and anti-fraud policies.

Title Province Closing Date
PE Pipes for DACAAR Program in Faryab Province (DACAAR ITB 36 PRF-756/1805-01/RNF1.2/23-1804/09.2019) Faryab 2019-09-24
Solar System for Kabul and Faryab Provinces (DACAAR ITB 35 PRF-731-732-733/1801-01/1805-11/RID1.4/RNF1.2/08.2019) Kabul & Faryab 2019-09-18
Training Courses for DACAAR Employees in Kabul Province (DACAAR RFQ 67 PRF-743/1801-01 1805-11/RID5.2 RID5.2/06-0101/08.2019) Kabul 2019-09-19
Safe Drinking Water for Herat Province (DACAAR RFQ 71 PRF-783/1902-50/DSD1.2/23-2001/09.2019) Herat 2019-09-18
DACAAR RFQ 69 PRF-778-779/1801-01/1805-11/RID1.2-RNF1.2/09.2019 (Water Meter and Plastic Water Meter Box for DACAAR Program in Nangarhar, Kunduz & Faryab Provinces) Nangarhar, Kunduz and Faryab 2019-09-28
DACAAR RFQ 70 PRF-784/0001-00/FSK05-01/08.2019 (Transportation of DACAAR Project Materials) To 23 Provinces 2019-09-28