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DACAAR looking for consultants

DACAAR invites interested parties to submit their proposals for Implementation Planning of DACAAR's PMEL System.

DACAAR has already a comprehensive Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Policy, System and Procedures Manual in place. The PMEL system lays the basis for the PMEL in the organisation in order to ensure focus on progress towards identified results, as well as to feed information for improvement of approaches and activities, support sound management decision making, and accountability to stakeholders - especially DACAAR's beneficiaries.

DACAAR’s PMEL system is aimed to help the organisation to systematically collect information on, analyse, record and report on results from programme implementation and channel information towards organisational learning, sound decision making and improvements in strategies, approaches and activities in a timely manner. It is further aimed to strengthen accountability towards the organisation's stakeholders - especially DACAAR's beneficiaries. Furthermore, the system follows organizational and programmatic standards, ensures participation, is organisation-wide, cost effective and simple in order for it to be sustainable.

Since the finalisation of the PMEL system in 2015 the system has to some extend been rolled out in the organisation but not as systematic as planned and not at all relevant levels. Thus, the purpose of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive plan for the second phase of the role out of the M&E System.

Se the full request for proposal here.

The final offer submission deadline shall be February 02, 2019 before 04:00 P.M Kabul time.