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Groundwater Monitoring System

For many years, we have been conducting groundwater monitoring in 29 provinces of Afghanistan through the construction of 363 Ground Water Monitoring Wells covering approximately 85 percent of the river basins of the country. Our network has been a unique source of information regarding the qualitative and quantitative status of groundwater in the country. If the in-country security situation permits, our Groundwater Monitoring Teams visit these wells on a monthly basis to measure water levels and test water samples on a semi-annual basis.

The collected data is then analysed, interpreted and mapped with the help of a specialised Integrated Water Resources Data Management System.

As the only nation-wide data source on the subject in Afghanistan, the system provides crucial long-term scientific information regarding groundwater quality and quantity and the sustainability and functionality of water points in support of planning of water supply projects by DACAAR and other WASH actors.

Number Title
1 Warning Signal on the Reduction and Depletion of Natural Groundwater Resources in Kabul City and Early Economic-Social and Environmental Damages 2017
2 Final Arsenic contamination of GW in Ghazni Province 2016 3. Final Geophysical investagation in Nangarhar Returnee report 2016
3 Final Geophysical investagation in Nangarhar Returnee report 2016
4 Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Panjsher Province 2016
5 Final Geophysical investagation in Samangan Refugee and Returnee report 2016
6 Geophysical Investagation in Balkh University 2016
7 Report on Well Site Selection and Construction for National Agriculture Education Collage 2015
8 Final Fluoride Report Balkh 2014
9 National Study on Water Point Functionality 2014
10 Geophysical Survey at Qezel Kand Village Sholgara District,Balkh Province 2014
11 Water Resources Potential Quality Problem, Challenges and Solution in Afghanistan 2013
12 Geophysical Survey in Welayaty Village Bagrami District Kabul Province 2013
13 National Groundwater Monitoring Wells Network Finding Challenges and Recommended Solutions in Afghanistan 2013
14 Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Ghazni and Maidan Wardak Provinces, Afghanistan 2013
15 Geophysical Survey in Sarbandi Haji Talabai Village Sholgara District of Balkh Province 2013
16 UNHCR Water QUality Report 2013
17 Geophysical Survey in Camp Sakhi 2012
18 Geophysical Survey in Cheheldukhtran (Maya Khil) Village, Chahar Asyab District of Kabul Province 2012
19 Suitability of Water Quality for Irrigation Agriculture in Shirin Tagab 2011
20 Geophysical Study in Sholgara Returnee village, Sholgara District of Balkh Province 2011
21 Geophysical Study in Tangi Returnee Camp Behsud District of Nangarhar Province 2011
22 Groundwater natural resources and quality concern in Kabul Basin, Afghanistan 2011
23 Kabul Basin Groundwater Monitoring Report 2011
24 Integrated Groundwater Study in Jalaier Valley, Shirin Tagab District of Faryab Province, Afghanistan 2010
25 Integrated Groundwater Study in Astana Valley, Shirin Tagab District of Faryab Province, Afghanistan 2010
26 Groundwater at Risk in Afghanistan 2007
27 Geophysical Survey Kochi Abad District of Bagrami 2007