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Vocational Training for youth

For the past many years, DACAAR with the support of Norwegian MFA, has been implementing Technical Vocational Training (TVET) projects in Faryab province, aimed at sustainable income-generating and livelihood opportunities for unemployed and unskilled male and female youth.

During October 2021 and April 2022 a vocational training center for motorcycle repairing was conducted in Qaysar district targeting 20 male youth.

Samiullah is one of the graduated trainees who owns a mechanics shop. He says, he used to go outside the country for work, but after attending the vocational training of DACAAR he has a profession and can support his family.

“I was jobless and had many times been to Iran for work. I worked for others and was mistreated by my employers. I went to Iran four times and got deported after a short period each time. While I could not find work here in Faryab and was always disappointed.” Said Samiullah.

He added: “DACAAR came to our village and asked the village elders to introduce eligible youth for vocational training. I attended the program and now I am very happy and satisfied.”

Once completing the course, Samiullah started his own workshop with the help of the toolkit and financial support from DACAAR. He is now the owner of his own business and is able to teach others as well.

“Only two months ago, I graduated from vocational training. Now, I earn more than 10.000 AFG (USD 110) per month, with which I provide for my family`s food needs like wheat, rice, tea, sugar and etc. My family is happy that I have a profession. I no longer need to migrate or spend my time in vain.” Explained Samiullah.

He further stated: “I am very pleased for DACAAR`s support and my proteges are also happy for finding an opportunity to learn a new skill. I recommend DACAAR to increase its activities, so that other youth can also benefit as we did.”

Since 2018, DACAAR has conducted 23 vocational trainings of tailoring, motorbike repairing and carpentry in five districts of Faryab province. 240 male and 260 female have graduated from these trainings.