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DACAAR supports vulnerable Afghan farmers as part of the Addressing Root Causes initiative funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project managed as part of a consortium led by NRC has been implemented by DACAAR in Kunduz and Herat provinces since January 2017.

The project focuses on reducing root causes of conflict, instability, and irregular migration through sustainable livelihoods, improved governance, and functioning rule of law in Afghanistan.

DACAAR implemented its activities in the Center and Imam Sahib districts of Kunduz province while the activities in Herat province were implemented in Karokh, Ghoryan, Zida Ja,n and Kohsan districts.

The vocational Training provided new skills to 357 youth 201 female and graduated beneficiaries are now able to support their families’ expenditures and send their children to school with new school supplies.

DACAAR supported 124 FFSs consisting of 2,480 farmers (700 women) who graduated from season-long farmer field schools (e.g. orchard management, wheat (cereal crops) production, saffron production, livestock management, and poultry). Orchard management training helped the beneficiaries to acquire new skills, and increase their yield from the previous years and as a result, their agriculture production is increased.