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DACAAR Country Director, John Morse: "There is Hope for Afghanistan."

Afghanistan is at a watershed moment in its recent history. While international troops withdrawal and possible reduction in donor funding might look worrisome, in reality, they can together sparkle the change that DACAAR has long worked for.

In this video, from the “Do Not Forget Afghanistan” conference held in Copenhagen, DACAAR’s Country Director, John Morse, highlights how reduced funding does not necessarily mean less humanitarian and development opportunities. The key is to assure quality over quantity, and to assure adherence to the protection and humanitarian standards - first and foremost the “do no harm” principle.

DACAAR is well placed for such help to the Afghan people. DACAAR over the years has been able to access the communities all over the country, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. This access, together with the leading role within the WASH cluster, has enabled DACAAR to rapidly and effectively deploy its staff, expertise and resources to cope with the COVID-19 fallout.

By: Marco Pennisi
Contributions: Irshad Alamyar